Reason Antivirus review

Popular antivirus that has a free version. Even at the installation stage, Reason Antivirus Free shows its positive qualities, allowing the user to choose which protection modules to install.

The Main Features of Reason Antivirus

For example, today few ordinary PC users use an email client like Outlook. Why would they need protection from email viruses? To nothing. To reduce the consumption of computer resources by the antivirus, simply uncheck the unnecessary “Email protection” module. At the same time, you can disable other functions/modules, for example – “Cleanup” (a tool for cleaning your computer from garbage) and/or “File Shredder” (a tool for permanently destroying data).

In all other respects, Reason Antivirus Free meets all the requirements for a modern antivirus:

  1. Availability of various computer scan modes with the ability to fine-tune each of them.
  2. The presence of active (in real-time) protection functions, in this case, there are two of them: 1) “Protection from files” – preliminary scanning of new files before they are opened by the user; 2) “Behavior Analysis” – tracking and blocking suspicious actions of installed programs. Both functions can also be customized.
  3. The presence of network protection functions – blocking network attacks and blocking downloaded files, if they pose a threat. This also includes the email protection feature, but we have disabled it. As in the previous cases, the firewall module can be configured.

Also Reason Antivirus Free has a website blocking feature. Although it is part of the firewall module, we decided to test it separately (you never know, it suddenly does not work in the free version of the antivirus). By default, the function is disabled – enable.

Another useful feature also provided free of charge, is the launch of applications in a sandbox (virtual environment). With its help, you can run any programs without worrying that they will cause any harm to your computer.

Premium Version of Reason Antivirus

We hasten to inform you that the word “Premium” in the name of the reason antivirus does not mean that this product is paid for. The paid version of the anti-virus program is called “Comodo Internet Security Pro” – such is the marketing trick of the developer. In the antivirus settings, you can find a special and very convenient filter that allows you to create categories of sites and add blocked or, conversely, allowed sites to them (except for them, no other sites will open in the browser).

Like all modern antiviruses, Internet Security Premium naturally has the means to scan your computer for known threats. In addition to the standard scan modes – fast, full, real-time, and custom – the antivirus program also offers to perform the so-called. “Rating scan”. And it is rather advisory in nature. Rating Scan shows the user which of the applications installed on the computer are trusted and which are not. A good tool for detecting (and, if necessary, eliminating) potentially unwanted programs.

But the greatest strength of Internet Security Premium is its firewall protection. Let’s say more – even the free version of the antivirus is distributed with a built-in firewall (firewall), which is superior in functionality to a similar Windows security component. Using the built-in firewall, in addition to blocking websites and/or accessing the network to any network programs, you can, for example, view the list of active connections, hide any network ports from external connections, etc.